How travel will make you a better person


By Somya Bansal

New roads, new experiences. Travelling is not about just reaching the destination but the journey to it. Recently, one of my friend went for a solo trip to the Himalayas for almost a month. After he came back, he quit his job and went back to teach in a Government school. When I asked him about his life-altering decision because he would be leaving his well-paid job and also he will be loosing a certain amount of time that could’ve helped him move forward in professional world, he just said that he really wants to do it right now. This shows how much travel can change you and makes you a better person.

Here are few ways of how travel will make you a better person.


Leaving the nest, your comfort zone isn’t easy but that is something one needs to do in order learn and live on their own and their own terms. Travel teaches you independence in such ways where you have to do everything by your own and you wouldn’t even realise when you have achieved it until you go back to your regular life.

Ready for anything

The curiosity of where this road will take you will make you ready anything come what may your way. Being prepared for anything in life helps you recover from some bizarre and unfortunate incidents when and if they occur.


One becomes organised as who will pack again and again while on a trip and also helps you manage your time more efficiently and effectively. Now you wouldn’t want to miss that sunset after travelling so far, right?


Travel builds confidence in you. It reinvents the lost confidence in you. There was an article in the newspaper a few days ago about a man how his bike and roads helped him rediscover and reinvent himself when he lost everything in life.

Knowing the difference between need and want

They always say, ‘travel light, live light’. This is the most insane way you will get to learn about your basic needs and desired wants.


You will have plenty of stories of different cultures and regions to tell to your grandchildren making you one of the coolest amongst your age.



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