#AntiBlackMoneyDay or #BJPMoneyLaunderingDay?


November 8, 2016 is the day when demonetisation was announced by PMO India, Narendra Modi, in order to encapsulate and get hold of the black money in the market. If you were also standing in a line outside an ATM or a bank for hours, then please read the article and let us know about what you think.

November-December incorporates as a holiday season and I was in Lonavala when it was announced. In a hill station, where there are only a few ATMs and limited cash it was a huge problem for the tourists as well as the residents to even go about their daily lives. The government claims to have got their hands on Rs. 5Lacs Crore of black money and certain percentage of unclaimed land during demonetisation. They say that people living below poverty line or poor have benefitted in terms of low interest rates and low real estate prices and have opened new bank accounts and work opportunities for them. What I don’t understand is that are they the only people living in this country?

What was ignored in the whole process were the rest of the freaking country! The small businesses (honest and hardworking though) were affected in a way where there was no cash flow for almost four-five months. Well, its great that we are trying to bring a change in the system because you know.. “Change is the only constant”

On this historical day, Twitteratis went in for a war using hashtags #AntiBlackMoneyDay or #BJPMoneyLaunderingDay. Lets take a look at some of them.


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