Love-Facts that are so not True!!


By Afrin Fatima

Myth or Reality…… What do they mean? Well, myths are the believes we grow up listening to and there is no logic to support them. They are being told since centuries, so it is our duty to take them forward and avoiding completely to learn about their origin or from where they started. We just follow them for the sake of following that too blindfolded. We never try to look for the reality behind the myth. Everything in this world has myths related to that, and relationships too have some bizarre myths and facts that are totally not true.

“If you love someone with all your heart, set them free. If they come back, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” If you are in love that means you have given each other freedom of everything. Why on earth one will leave if they are happy? End of story!

“People who are in long distance relationship tend to have greater love for each other than those who are in a live-in relationship.” Then why is it said that after the honeymoon phase couple tend to have a stronger bond?

“If you are in love, you will love and admire every little habit of your partner.” Does this include farts, burps, and warps too? Do you think it’s cute to burp in your partner’s face? See, I told you, its gross!

“Love is unpredictable.” Duhhh!! What is predictable in life after all? Nothing. But your relationship crisis handling makes your relationship quite predictable. How you manage conflicts and how much you play blame games.

“Falling in love is a unique physiological state.” No, it’s not. Trust me. It’s just adrenalin rush, it also happens when you sit in a free-fall.


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