Confessions of a Teacher


By Afrin

“A teacher is someone who makes a poor student good and a good student superior.” At the very same time, very secretly, they want their student to not know some deep truths about them, they never want their students to find out what exactly they think in the back of their head. After all, teachers too have a life and they too have fun and they too gossip. Don’t be shocked! Yes, they do gossip often.

Your teacher would not tell you out loud about their most favourite student or least favourite or the one they hate.

When you people come down to tell something about some other teacher, they pretend to get shocked at such a news because teachers too have a code that they can’t break, so they have to pretend that they heard it for the first time.

Teachers don’t want their students to find them at local restaurant or café or shopping market, they seriously don’t want you to barge in when they are having some romantic date.

They fear the Principal’s call as much as the students do. In their head they start to think, what now they have done that the Principal is calling them?

Sometimes it’s too tiring for them to go through every assignment and they mark and grade the work according to the presentation and handwriting. Yes, they do so!

Students basically are like a cracker to explode even amidst the class going on. This leaves teachers furious and they wash away their anger by deducting some points from the student’s average. See, I told you teachers are no saints.

Some days are bad days for even teachers to start their day with teaching a boring lesson. This could be due to late night party or movie.

They love to gossip about the students with other teachers and laugh around with the stupid stuff students do. You bet they were from some other planet, but they aren’t. They are as normal as we people are.


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