Be Awesome… Be a Book-Nut!!


By Afrin

What are you doing with a book in your hand?

Shhhhhh!!! Speak softly for I can hear this book speaking to me.

What happens to you every time you grab a book?

It is the magic that lies within, a book makes me wander into some unknown space. Where there is nothing like reality.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

Only a book-lover can understand my words.

Are you a book-person? If you are then certainly you can relate to the above dialogues. It will be winters and Christmas time soon. So have you put some books in your sack or not? Let’s pare out some good books for this Christmas

Tweet Inspiration by Mark Hart

If you are looking for a light, funny and a quick read, then this is the best select for you. You can go through a quick-witted write and fun while reading this. For reference, you can look up @LT_TheBibleGeek on Twitter and you would know the power of this book which can ennoble you any time.

Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler

Its gladsome treat for the readers. It is a journey of honesty and humor where author has beautifully orchestrated the bon voyage from Atheism to Catholicism. She reaches to the heart of the concept of searching for truth with her raw and light-hearted write.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

If you are up for a historical fiction, then this book is the perfect selection. The author in this book portrays the struggle of young hearts to grow up amidst World War II Germany very creatively. 

The 5 Wave by Rick Yancey

This book has the power to hook you from the first sentence. The author did a brilliant job of transporting the reader to a world in which humanity fights to hold onto its home and friends, for the sake of being there for one another.

My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll

It is an inspiring Spiritual Memoir where the author paves a path for her readers to narrate her own experience with saints who made her grow and evolve spiritually. Many will relate it with their own lives as this book is focused on the female audience.


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