“Maalish…. Tel Champi”


By Afrin

“Your body needs no limits. It’s mind that need convincing.”

The best way to keep our mind on track is to give it a break, a head massage is one such solution to release stress and all the toxic-thinking that runs in the corners of our mind. Research shows that head massage relieves depression especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome, and other studies also suggest benefits for other population. Let’s run through the benefits of head massage (champi).

When we get a thorough scalp and head massage, it increases blood supply to scalp and reactivates follicles and strengthen roots. This helps in hair growth.

It rejuvenates body and soul equally and fill them with energy. It relieves muscle spasms in shoulders from tension and prolonged use of the computer.

It is an ultimate cure for insomnia. People who are not able to get a proper sleep can enjoy a sound sleep after massage. Like, “hit the bed and you are dead to the world.”

When a masseuse gives massage, they press certain points, activating specific energy channels and acting on all bodily systems.

It improves memory, lowers blood pressure, and eases fear, anxiety, attention deficiency and also controls dandruff.

Main focus is to massage temples in order to relieve pain in the head and eye fatigue.

It eventually detoxifies our body by eliminating toxic elements.


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