Forgiveness is Strength


By Afrin

“Let us talk about our joy, happiness and love. Let us forgive and forget about misery and sadness.” So true this quote is. If we start to live our life with unconditional love to give, life will become so much easier. But instead we hold on to the part grudges and melancholy and take them to our graves instead of letting them go and live our lives happily. But when time slips away from our hands and we are lying on our deathbed, then the concept of forgiving and forgetting clicks our mind and till then it’s too late to rewind back time. Why can’t we live this beautiful life without any regrets and grudges. It’s such an easy process to forgive someone, why can’t we rise above our egos to make the change, to be the change.

First rule to connect to your spiritual self is, before you judge someone else of their doings, just have a look within yourself.

When you will understand your own insight then it will be quite easier for you to forgive and forget someone.

Stop playing blame games and take responsibilities of your own doings, things will become much easier.

Take yourself as learner, a seeker, a giver, a tree which is always down to earth and you will never be able to hold resentment against anyone.

Take a journey within and ask yourself, how important your life is for yourself? When you will understand the value of your life, slowly and gradually you will learn the importance of other’s life too and then you will realize, everything else than grudges and their melancholy is much, much bigger, vast and huge. You will learn the value of life.

Love, hatred, anger, melancholy, and attachment, all of this comes from within, not outside. You are the reason of your won happiness and sadness. Forgive others and forget the matter, your life as well as the life of others will be healed.


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