“Music makes you a Happy Soul, A Better Lover”


By Afrin

What changes music brings in your life? It certainly turns your life upside down. How? First and last thing, it makes you a better LOVER. What else is needed in life than being a versatile lover? Your life will automatically become heaven. Everything else will come along. How music makes you a better lover? Come on, let’s have a look.

Music makes your memory sharp. If your memory is sharp, you won’t probably forget your month anniversary, or her cat’s birthday or any special occasion. See, you’re saved from so much of trouble. And you end up being “such a darling.”

Music can help you deal with stress and anxiety. Again your day is saved after a big fight with your bae and you can work efficiently at office or vice-versa.

Music hits the romantic side of you and you will never be accused of being                                       “so un-ro-ma-n-tic.”

Music is a social activity and if your partner too is a music lover, then your relationship is a bliss.

If you are interested in music, then you have less chances to catch coronary heart diseases and can have a tension-free life with your partner.

Music even encourages you to have a healthy and fit physique. Your partner won’t ever get tired of admiring you. See, how effortless it is.

Being a music lover, you will always be a calm and composed person. As you know, fights are never one-sided. So your relationship is again saved.

So many benefits music brings along with it. Moreover, the people who love music are more likely to be the pure souls with beautiful hearts.


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