People You Need to Ignore or Avoid in Life


By Somya Bansal

I am pretty sure you’ve already started to think of all the people you want to throw out of your life but you haven’t or cannot. Now think about the reasons behind why did they pop up in your head. There must be something that they do or are which is just unacceptable to you. There are few common traits about humans and these are the ones you need to ignore or avoid in life.

Pessimists or Negative people

There will always be one person who is incapable of change and will suck all the enthusiasm and energy out of you. A negative person will find various ways for not doing anything new or would want to work on something new.

The new age ‘Reviewer’

Who are you to judge others? Have you heard this sentence before then definitely you are one of the self-claimed critic who roams around with an opinion about everything even about things which you have no relation to. Using derogatory terms to describe them and not thinking how it will affect the others.

The ‘Bechara’

Victimising yourself, self-pity won’t help you anywhere in life. In fact, it will only draw people away from you. Making excuses and never take responsibility even for their own actions are few traits you would find in them.

Stay away from such kind of people for a better and healthy lifestyle and environment.



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