Beauty Items To Keep In Your Bag While Travelling


By Somya Bansal

Have you also forgotten few things while packing and realised after reaching your destination when on a holiday? This time make a list before hand to pack everything before you head out of your house. Also remember to pack these beauty products so that you take care of your skin even when you are on a holiday and yeah, Insta-worthy pictures.

Dry Shampoo

Who has the time to wash their hair everyday on a vacation but if you’re in a humid region like Goa then washing hair becomes a necessity with all the humidity and sand ruining your hair’s texture. Dry Shampoo comes in handy at this time as it will make your hair look flawless and will prevent from sun as well. It will even help you in a cold area where even pooping becomes difficult.


Nobody wants to be around somebody who smells and especially of sweat. A sweet fragrance can save you from spending your vacay alone.

Face Cleanser

Whether in a humid or dry or cold region, a face cleanser is necessary for keeping your skin healthy and glowing even while travelling. It also helps to clean your pores after roaming around for the entire day in sun.

Lip Balm/Tint

A lip balm or a lip tint will help you keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.


A sunscreen should be with you 24/7 whether on a holiday or not, make sunscreen a part of your daily essentials.

Then things like wet tissues, sanitiser and body washes are a no-brainer.


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