Time for a Change… Time for a Break


By Afrin

“I just need a break from everything for a little while.”

Life, when happens, is one of the most incredible thing. When you need a break, your life will start to give you indications. It might be your work getting comparatively boring. It might be your mood that will swing to and fro. Your body automatically starts to hint you for that teeny-tiny break.

You won’t feel like going to office. All the enthusiasm to go to work will wear off.

Your body will feel drained out. Restlessness will accompany you and your smooth road will feel like a bumpy one.

You loved your working area but now you find it gloomy and depressing.

Your boss calls up a meeting with you and there he says it’s not working out.

Everything you do seems uninteresting to you.

You start to have bad time at home too. Irritation and frustration will take control of your temper.

If anything and everything is making you feel loathsome then take deep breaths and tell your boss that I need a break from my own miseries. I will be back when I am myself again and till then focus on what is going on the wrong track and try to fix the problem.

A break does not necessarily mean to go on a vacation or to search for something to sooth your eye appetite. But, lying on your bed and watching your favorite TV series can also help.

Unplug yourself from anything that could take you back to your pre-break period.


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