5 Things To Do When You Want To Say I Miss You


By Somya Bansal

Missing someone when they are not around is something all of us are guilty of. Maybe some of us tell them and some of us kept quiet about it. Some of us may have been on the receiving end as well. Isn’t it lovely to hear when someone says that they miss you? Even better when they try to make it more innovative and special. So, here are few things to do when you miss them a tad bit too much.

Put Your Thinking Hat On

Get creative. Try to create a DIY gift for them that you send or give it to them the next time you get to see them. Make them a poster of their favourite character or a verse or a phrase they like. Trust me when I say this, missing someone really boosts your creativity. Otherwise, what is the significance of Taj Mahal? Right.

Plan a Visit

Plan a visit to wherever they are but be economical as well unless you’re rich, then you can even travel to the Antarctic Ocean if they are looking for alternative resources over there. Surprise them or let them know about your arrival, your choice but remember sometimes they might be out of house and you can get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Get poetic

You can write them hand-written letters and poems and get them delivered at their door step. Write one of those Open When letters where you write a letter for every emotion they feel while away from you. “Open When Happy..” “Open When You Miss Me..” “Open When We Had A Fight..”

Scroll Scroll Scroll

Scroll down your pictures together and feel them next to you. Nostalgia is one of the most amazing feeling ever. Look at the pictures to reduce the pain of missing them.

Hang out with friends

Sometimes missing someone can get you in trouble as well. Maybe they are busy in work or family but you’re being unreasonable with them for no reason, for not making time for you. It is not necessary to keep in touch every single second of the day. Give them the liberty to enjoy and succeed in what they are doing. Try to distract yourself by meeting your friends and even making yourself busy.


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