Time is Money..Manage It Wisely


By Somya Bansal

Ran with belt, tie and shoes in your hands behind the school bus to catch it because you were late? Ate your breakfast while commuting to office? Yes. You need to read this article.

Here are few techniques you could use to improve your time management skills.

Know Your Daily Targets

Imagine how your day is going to be and plan in advance. Decide what you want to do or achieve for that particular day and visualise how you are going to execute it as soon as you wake up.

Stick To The Schedule

After you’re done visualising and planning your day, STICK TO THE SCHEDULE. Most of us start it with utmost enthusiasm but by the end of the we just come back to square one with a little bit of harmless guilt.

To-Do List Comes In Handy

This is one of the best tools for time management. Checking out things off the list gives you the boost to work harder and faster to achieve them. It keeps a track of what has been done already and what is left to do for the rest of the day making it easier for you to achieve the targets.

Don’t Push Over

Don’t push your own set deadlines for yourselves as it will only lead to you becoming lazy. Try to meet the set deadline by sticking to them. Give value to your efforts by actually following them.


Take some time out to relax. Keep that relaxation time while planning the schedule. It will help you to refresh your mind and complete your tasks on time.

Pat Yourself On The Back

Or treat yourself as you keep checking things off the list. Maybe going out for a breath of fresh air or a drink from the cafeteria. This will make you feel good and motivate you to carry on for the rest of the day.


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