Unusual Punishments To Keep People Out Of Jail


By Afrin Fatima

Ever wondered a judge getting creative with the punishments and sentences. No? Why? They are also human beings with different mindsets and different ways of punishing the culprits. Some judges believe that it is necessarily not required to put the guilty in the dark cells but let them face the music with bang-on public humiliation. Judge Michael Cicconetti is one sensation to punish the guilty in some very unique methods that are going viral. Let’s bring them to light.

19 YO Victoria Bascom, who didn’t pay a cab driver for a 30-mile trip was given a choice of 30 days in jail or a 30-mile walk. Out of which she chose to take a 30-mile walk.

Morrow was recently pleaded guilty of animal neglect and cruelty and she was asked to whether spent 90 days in jail or spend eight hours in a dump picking up garbage. Later, she was found with a garbage bag in hand in a dump.

The 19 YOs were found guilty of stabbing the statue of baby Jesus and scrawled 666 on its forehead. They were asked to replace the statue and lead a donkey on the roads groggy with snow and the donkey wore a sign, “Sorry for the jackass offense.”

Betina Young of Ohio was accused of selling fake IDs and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and was punished for such an offense for 15 years of jail. But Judge Holbrook placed Yong on probation with a fine of $3000 and minimum 3 days in jail every year for 5 years over Christmas.

Kaytlen Lopan 13 and her friend 11, both were accused of chopping off 3 YO’s waist length curly hair and were initially sentenced with 30 days of detention and 276 hours of community service but later Lopan’s mother was asked to cut her hair right there in the courtroom. While here friend was permitted to get the job done at a salon.


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