Lessons My Grandparents Taught Me


By Somya Bansal

Aww! Thinking about them only is making me feel all the Aww emotions inside my heart. You know when they smile (without the teeth of course) and there eyes sparkle making them the most adorable thing in the world. Growing up became easy with all the nighttime stories and TV watching with them. I still cannot forget few things that I’ve learned from them or they have taught me to live life on my own and I cannot be more grateful to them.

So, here are few lessons that I learned from my Grandparents.

Love Love immensely as if there is nothing else in the world apart from Love.

Eat Eat on time. Eat to your heart’s content. Eat extra even when you’re full or otherwise they will actually stuff it in your mouth. 😛

Read Read as it keeps your brain active and healthy. You live a more peaceful life when you read in your free time and don’t ponder over unnecessary things.

Open Up Be open to new opportunities. Never back down from anything you’ve taken up as you don’t know where it might lead you.

Stay Happy Be happy in any circumstances. Imagine yourself singing and dancing even when you don’t feel happy, you might just.

Laugh Learn to laugh at yourself. People who could actually do that are way more confident than others.

Fight Fight for your rights. It is okay to fight for something you believe in even if it is opposite the society’s norms.


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