Dealing With A Creative Block? Here are few techniques that could help!


By Somya Bansal

Biting already chipped off nails..Fidgeting all throughout the day..Playing with the keyword as if you’re making music out if it? Creative people would understand the symptoms Im talking about over here. Just staring at the blank canvas or paper or even a screen are the blank moments they go through. You can call it a dry spell or a writer’s block or a creative block, won’t matter unless you take charge of it on your own to overcome it.

Here are few ways through which you can dive into your creative self.

First thing is to recognise and acknowledge the fact you’re facing one of the blank moments and you need to act upon it soon. There is nothing wrong it acknowledging the fact that ‘that’ day is not your best. It is easier to work and make progress once you understand all the obstacles.

Once you’ve acknowledged the fact that you are having a creative block, don’t just sit and go with the flow. Ensure few limits as to how long can you ponder over it before you can meet your deadline.

You remember the history lessons when your teacher is telling you all about the Mughal dynasties and your sitting in a park in New York? exactly. Let your mind wander again like that through experimenting. Think about where you were going with this project and how you ended up over here.

When nothing works, time to go back to your old friend, ROAD. Yes. Take a solo road trip or just ride across the city to reach your favourite adda. Make you r body, spirit and mind as one unit and step out of your comfort zone. this helps your mind to grow and think outside the box.

Work on what you feel the most passionate about. This will gain your interest and put you back in the zone of creativity. Don’t force yourself if it is not helping after a few times.

Understand that you, only you, have the strength to bring back the creativity. Acknowledge it, work upon it and even if it doesn’t happen just relax and keep trying without stressing over it.


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