Young and getting married? No issues. Its actually a good thing..


By Somya Bansal

Settling down, taking care of ourselves, fulfilling our own dreams, travel the world..are few of the things that we look forward to before we could even think of getting married. But have you thought about just what if? What if you marry someone before experiencing it all. I am sure most of our parents had us when they were of our age and they still have an amazing life. So here are the few perks or advantages of marrying early in life.

Early 20s is the age where you are discovering yourself completely in every aspect of life and isn’t it amazing to have someone by your side, legally (Im sure most of us have somebody or the other), to go through all of that together.

You get to spend more years together before you think of having a child of your own. Also, there is no pressure of having a child as soon as you’re married.

You can travel the world together, have more sex, higher energy levels.

You don’t have “that baggage” from previous relationships. You spare all the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship drama and skip to the amazing part.

You get to celebrate even little achievements together. Like getting a Ph.D or first promotion at work.

You’re more adaptable and adjusting and more compassionate towards each other. As early in life, you are still moulding into the person you want to become and marrying early will give both of you a chance to mould together and grow up together.
Then instead of saying, “I want to grow old with you” you can actually say, “I want to grow with you.”


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