Aishwarya broke into Tears


By Afrin Fatima

Media… Paparazzi… Shutterbugs… These are like growing their wings to every nook and
corner. It is their job, their profession but if these are professionals then where their etiquetes vanish when the most needed. The actors are not even left alone when they are trying to do something sentiment for the one’s not with them anymore.
Same happened with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan when she went to SMILE Train Foundation
with her mother Vrinda Rai and daughter Aaradhya to honor her late father Krishnaraj Rai.
She sponsored surgeries for 100 children with cleft lip issues and also to pay a visit to the
children in the hospital. But paparazzi made it utterly difficult for her to even speak a word.
They all were in clambering with their loud vocals even after repeatedly asked to talk in a
hushed voice.
I saw the clip and it literally felt like a classroom filled with 2 nd standard students shouting at their loudest of voices, here the scenario was, the kids came in the room with proper
discipline while the media people left their discipline at the gates while entering the room.
This stupid behavior of them made Aishwarya furious and she tried to shush them down but the sounds elated again after sometime. She was actually demanding them to maintain the decorum of the place they were standing in with saying, “We are standing here only. I am asking you all to keep silence. This is not a premier; this is not another public event. Please show some respect. Me and you belong to this business but all the others here don’t. You don’t need photos of all this.”
Tears welled up in her eyes when her words left no impact on the media and they kept on
asking for poses and clicking them and shooting their questions with all the loud they had in them. She lost her cool and asked them all to Stop It!!!


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