Gratitude comes in Small-Packets


“When asked if my cup is half-full and half-empty, my only response is that I am Thankful I have a cup.” What a beautiful thought to hold on to. If we try to be thankful about whatever life brings up to us than this world can certainly become a better place. Gratitude comes with gripping even at the corner of spirituality. Being humble and gracious about being alive is a small step towards understanding spirituality. There are evidently a lot of ways to be thankful in life.
Your car is at the red light and you get a knock at your window, you look at pity eyes, without any proper clothing and no footwear to walk the roads, still their feet stop only at cars with a hope that their items will get purchased. But instead we shoo them away. But for some, its grieving to see the underprivileged, and then we thank God for granting us the life we are living.
While walking at the pedestrian, we rush into people with physical disabilities, like people on wheelchairs or crunches, which eventually makes us thank God for making us capable of walking on our own, to keep us healthy and in good condition.
We should be content of everything we have in our life, continuous complains are not a good omen. Be thankful of your capabilities and believe in being a giver.
We must always be a sport to encourage others and be there for others as everyone in this world appreciates a little gesture of not being alone.
We should practice to be enthusiastic about whatever we have in your life and our energy will be contagious. The people around us would feel the same positivity that could be shared further ahead.
We should believe in the fact that whatever happens that happens for good and our life will be sorted, it produces positivity around us and helps us regain after the bad times.


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