Things To Do In Bed Other Than Sex


Sex is great. There is no denying it but sometimes we need to relax and chill and get to know each other more, spend some more time together. So here are few things you can do when you don’t want to get out of bed or are being lazy.

Cuddle Pre-sex or Post-sex, cuddling is the next best thing after sex when you just lie in each others arms feeling the comfort of your lifetime.

Sleep Ha! How many of us are sleep deprived? So just close your eyes while holding onto your SO and sleep the day/night away.

Eat Eat breakfast or lunch. Eating in bed is sometimes to spend a lazy Sunday in.

Fort time Build a fort with your sheets and blankets and stay in bed feeling a part of another world. You can hang stars or put toy spaceships and your setting for roleplay is ready.

Massages You can give each other massages to get rid of those sore muscles. Its one of the most sexy things a couple can do together that doesn’t involve sex.

Stare Stare at your sleep partner and drown in their peaceful ocean of dreams or just stare at the ceiling while having a really deep conversation about Existentialism (maybe at least you’ll be able to figure out the obsession of people with identity crisis and existence of themselves in life).

Pillow Fight Yay! Just start it when you think your partner is cheating while you both are playing cards.

Oh that reminds me! Games You can play video games or board games or even cards for that matter.


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