Manmohan Singh called Rahul Gandhi Congress’s Darling


As Rahul Gandhi files for his nominations for the Congress Party President earlier this day without anyone else filing for the nomination for the said post, there was a wave of happiness and tweets on Twitter with everybody congratulating RG for yet another big step in his political career.

“It’s a great day. Rahul has been the darling of the Congress men and Congress women and this is yet another step in his devotion to the Congress party and country,” said Manmohan Singh, former Indian Prime Minister.

From Raj Babbar to party officials Like P. Chidambaram and many more tweeted congratulating the future Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

While all of this was happening, there were many questions raised as to why the process was called an election when Rahul was nominated for the post unopposed and not a selection process.

What is more important here is to look forward if Rahul would be able to fulfil his duty towards the party (regardless of selection or election).


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