Dance your Dance!!


By Afrin Fatima

Dancers don’t need wings to fly because they have feet to tap to the beat. So much could be done through dancing, your expressions don’t need words then, your movements are your words. There are so many ways to find happiness and one is dancing. If youre known as a dancer in your gang than you could certainly relate to this write.

You are known as the party savior as you light up the party with your well-choreographed dance moves.

You don’t need rehearsals as you invent your own moves, it more like a dance extempore for you.

You cannot control your body whenever there is so much of music playing in your background.

If it is your mood that needs to be jazzed up, then no therapy could heal you but dance. It works to keep you sane, on and all to understand the meaning of dance in your life.

You know the steps by heart without giving it much of the practice.

Whether it is friends sangeet party, or your family function that needs a choreographer, your name pops up whenever the word Dance is mentioned.

You relate so much to the dance shows and movies as for you dance is an art, something you worship by heart.

No matter how bad your mood is, when there is music, then there are you throwing your moves to the beats.

What else could be more of a happy thing to lose weight while dancing? 45 minutes of dancing everyday keeps you fit.


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