Ciao 2017 Fashion Trend


By Afrin Fatima

Fashion comes and goes as season does. Fashion, as well, repeats itself as season does. Today its pink ruling the world, tomorrow it will be lavender conquering this planet. Lets have a look what we are bidding adieu to this year.

If you are very much fond of the choker you bought this year and loved flaunting it around your neck, kiss it goodbye.

Skater sneakers are going to be replaced by dad sneakers. Of course, your sneakers will go with any attire you put on.

Its been a lot of off-shoulder this year. I know you may have a lot off-shoulder dresses, this is the time to write eulogy to them, if you want.

Belts or the corsets that were found built-in with are just about to vanish and those are going to be replaced by broad and wide belts.

Shirts with plaid prints were so jazzed up this year but with heavy heart we will have to pack them in the sack.

Bomber jackets have had their reign but now its time to send them back in times. For they will return back, not now but some other time.

Pom-poms took part in almost everything, may it be flats, bags or dresses but they are about to cut off from the coming fashion trend.

Ear cuffs were a must have for this year, their beauty was always noticeable but certainly they wont be seen in the coming year.

Everything has its charm and so does fashion. All of it might be leaving for today but sometime later they will be back with their glamour. Im pretty sure of that. Long may they reign.


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