Do you carry a Vintage Heart? Congratulations, You’re an Old Soul!!


By Afrin Fatima

Are you an old soul? Whats that? An old soul is an ancient soul caged in a young body. A soul that matures way too early then its age. It is an old fashioned heart that holds timeless love for she is a three-page love letter in a world of relationship status updates. Their love is deep and intense and this trait of them makes it difficult for them to find love easily. So, are you an old soul? Lets find out why it is difficult for you to find love.

They think beyond the thinking limit. What if this happened, what if its long term, what if I get cheated, how to handle the heartbreak? Lets not fall into it.

Past experiences and wounds play an important role in turning a person into an old soul. Its hard for them to evolve from all the mishaps and they keep their feelings at bay and take their own pace in any romantic venture.

They are well aware of their own identity and they set a benchmark of things they want and don’t want in their partner, though it is good to choose wisely but gradually they are left alone in the pool of prospects.

They get passion flowing all over but compatibility keeps them unsettled and they continue their search for a soulmate.

They are old fashioned and don’t accredit the new online dating methods. They are more inclined towards retro style dating ideas.

They endure themselves in the worst situations and also the bigger picture of their future and being successful for them is to be served first on the table and thereafter love.

It is really a hard nut to crack to fall in love with an old soul but if you do, you will never regret your decision of loving them and they loving you back because they are givers and the most compatible partner to spend your life with.


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