Go on… Make your man go crazy for you!!


By Afrin Fatima

Does love fade away with time? Is your relationship with your husband seems to lose its charm? Are the burning desires making their way to a cold baggage? Then you need to meet Dr. Karwake Rahenge! You will get the solutions and your relationship will get its flames back in no time. This is his promise for every couple existing. You need to follow some home remedies and youre done.

Give your man a visual treat, let him wander his eyes on more of your skin. It doesn’t exactly mean exposing yourself fully but looking beautiful is the main motive. Try on something loosely hung on you and let the dimly lit lights caste their magic.

Your scents play an important role in pulling your man towards you. Fragrance like vanilla is something men cant resist.

Maintain your eye contact with him and he will incline. Follow him by your eyes and he will reciprocate. Kudos for the first step, rest will follow anyhow.

A woman who is very much cautious about her physical health is really adored by men. Be a sport as physical activities triggers the hormones for happiness. Your man will eventually get influenced and will be your partner in fitness as well and that will make you actively happier couple.

Getting soaked in water together makes your relationship intimate and gives a sense of care. Who knows this intimacy could lead you to your bedroom with doors shut?

Man always love her lady to be a dominating one, who takes the lead and control of everything. If a lady speaks her heart out about her likes and dislikes, it is really appreciated on the side of their man.

So ladies, be your own version of alluring wives and let your charm see the light of the day.


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