Interesting Facts about some World Famous Brands


By Afrin Fatima

Some businesses have taken this world from neck to neck and we all know that they are the worlds most successful brands. But there are some interesting facts about them that we hardly know. Lets unveil the fun facts already.

Mc Donalds

When the first burger joint established in California in 1940, there were nine items on Mc Donald’s original food menu and they were pure beef hamburger, tempting cheeseburger, triple thick shakes, golden French fries, root beer, hot coffee, an orange drink, cold milk and cola.


Ever wondered why Facebook is specifically blue in color? It’s because the owner and chief, Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness and blue is the finest color he can see. That was vouched by the owner himself.


The inventor of Vaseline and the founder of the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, Robert Augustus Chesebrough ate a spoonful of the product on a daily basis, and he continued this practice until his demise at the age of 96.


Around one third of US population visits the Walmart stores every week, without giving it a miss. It’s about 100 million customers reach out to Walmart for their shopping needs. This in turn, leads the company in making a profit of about 1.8 million every hour. Huhh!! Really?


The company doesn’t want their customers to feel lonely while giving themselves a treat so the outlets usually have roundtables for their customers which seem to be more welcoming than square tables. People feel less alone when they are seated on the former.


Well, we all know about Siri. But what we don’t know is that all the communication between you and Siri is not private, at all. All the conversation is stored and analyzed assiduously for at least 2 years. They say it is the practice to improve their service, by intruding I mean!


All employees at Amazon spend two days every two years working at the companys customer service desk, this even includes CEO Jeff Bezos. This practice is religiously followed by the employees to make them understand the customer service process.


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