If the Date goes wrong… Make it Right!!


By Afrin Fatima

Dating It sounds daring and daunting at times. It surges adrenalin rush all over and in that rush, people tend to get in the swamp of mistakes. I am not saying this but psychology proves it and many psychologists have come on the conclusion that little mistakes damps the relationship in its nonage.

Dating is a slow and steady process, just because youre having adrenalin rush doesn’t mean you have to rush in your relationship. Take it slow, take things slow.

If you want to know more about your date, then its better to talk to them rather than to stalk them on social networking sites.

Be genuine, be cautious of your feelings, have the courage to show your true self but don’t get utterly attached in its infancy because there can always be a slight chance of rejection.

Don’t go hearts and flowers after first date, fantasizing about your future with your date could be a wrong path in the beginning.

Its a big time stress when it comes to faze your date, you will be cautious about what to say, what not to say and amidst that you will completely forget to enjoy your company. Don’t do that, be yourself and let the conversation take the lead.

If you had any past relationships, then your early stages of dates are not at all to discuss all that, take time to open up about all that or save it for later.

Dates are as unpredictable as life, so make up your mind what you are getting yourself into, as it can go swiftly or could be a flat-out. You don’t have to take it to your heart in either situation.

People usually like confidence and honesty and it is always humble to let the other person know if you had a good time in their company, that you can do after your date or first thing in the morning.


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