Big Mistakes in Movies that crossed our Eyes


By Afrin Fatima

Bollywood is so much more than an emotion, its a sentiment to which people cling to and our sentimental eyesight neglects to sense absurd flaws in even the blockbuster movies of all times. The mistakes are so minute that we hardly pay attention to them but go through the list and you will find it funny to not notice earlier. After all, its Bollywood were talking about, the benefit of doubt is what we take as audience.

  1. Cricket match is the game we all by heart know about. Its 6 balls per over but when movie Lagaan was set in the year 1892, at that time England allowed 5 balls per over. Each team got 6 balls per over in the movie. How did we not notice that?

  2. In Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan played the role of a South Indian Hindu but he had a Christian burial. Thereafter his wife, Kareena was seen aspersing his ashes into river. Good God, how is that even possible?

  3. Pyar ka Punchnama, very promisingly made justice to its name. Have you all noticed its opening scene? The Trio tripled their way to Dhaba and what such happened that they had a jeep to head back home? Was there any secret lottery they won be at Dhaba?

  4. Next is Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, Bunny in one scene, takes away book from Naina and she was again seen with the same book in some other scene. The magical book found its way back to its master.

  5. Two big mistakes in Badlapur. First, when Raghu goes to meet Harman, there were guitarists playing in his background but when inspector watches its CCTV footage, the musicians found to be nowhere in the scene. Were they ghosts to not get caught on CCTV? Second is when Raghu throws a bottle of Champaign on the wall, and it leaves stains but in the following scene, no stains were seen. Quick housekeeping work, I guess.

  6. Dum Laga ke Haisha, the scene with a van, Prems family starts off in a blue Omni Van but half past journey, van changes its color and grew old on the way. Hilarious it is to know how roads change everything.


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