Lose weight and improve your Health without losing your Favorite Food


By Afrin Fatima

While we diet, we all curse the meals we have to have in order to get slimmer, fitter and flatter. How about adding your favourite meals to your diet for weight loss, of course? But how is it possible? It is actually, with balancing your health with the nutrition your body needs. You don’t have to pick sides and choose between healthcare and sweets and carbs but all of it can glide hand in hand only if you take care of your intakes.

People have their own favourites and you can have them and still can lose weight and reach at your ideal weight with not much struggles. You wont ever have to say hasta la vista to pasta or kiss goodbye to pretzels or chocolate or pizza or bread or pita chips or cream that clings at your lips after every bite. Isnt it amazing? But still you worry how it could improve your health?

It is always possible to find out creative ways to prolifically customise your eating habits. It can increase your will power and improve your health status with keeping you out of mental and physical stress. But the utmost you enjoy would be the essence of having your favourite meals as your diet meals.

Whatever you eat, have balanced fraction of everything. Do not over-eat any of your favourites. Have a balanced serving of sweets or carbs along with plenty of greens and fruits and protein. You might not live without dark chocolate but you don’t have to eat a whole bar of it, a piece of it would help to calm your cravings.

Acquaint yourself with exercises or walking or running as it would help you keep active and will surely keep your slim body from being covered with stubborn fat. If your do not like to exercise, then a 45-minute walk will help you burn the calories every morning.

Everyone have least desire for some or the other eatables like extra bit of butter or cheese or mayonnaise. Look out for the eatable you could live without moaning and you could keep it away. If you are a salad person and you can survive without dressing your salad or olive oil than it will be a plus point for you.

Studies say if you have something on a daily basis then it becomes your boring daily diet and it makes you eat less of it. If you make it a routine to have your favorite meal than after sometime you will eat less of it and that can keep your weight in check.

Aaahhh!! Snacks, are the life your daily meals, a handful of dry fruits, a bowl of yoghurt, a banana, a slice with peanut butter, a piece of chocolate, cheese. You have to make sure that you do not take more than a hundred or two hundred calories of that.

You can have as much green and fresh veggies as possible, as they are low in calories and high in fibre. They also keep you from heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Veggies are a good option to be served at dinner.

While you walk through the grocery aisles for your monthly food items, it is best to ignore that could enchant you, stay focused on your routine list as you cannot afford to blow up your hard work for a stack of bourbons.

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