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By Afrin Fatima

Imagine you are on a strict diet and you are invited in a party, you see yourself surrounded with so much anti-diet food out there. What you do? You ignore, you cry out for all that but your diet plan has strictly prohibited it from consuming. Now what? You look out for salads and find only one or two of them. You have them anyhow, bit by bit with keeping your tears at bay, seeing yourself fenced with people admiring the food they all are having and youre cursing yourself to be fat, in the first place, because of being obese you have to follow a diet.

But let me assure you of one thing, being fat is not your fault but the idea of keeping yourself fit is new. Here is a theory, years ago it wasn’t a fight to be in shape and look your best self but it was a struggle for food, shelter and water. It was believed that eating less will starve you to death but the trendy diets now-a-days ask you to eat less which probably means you let your body starve to death. You search for one diet plan that could help you with losing 10 pounds or 20 pounds in a weeks time. You are fantasized by the idea of losing so much weight in so less time. You are in a rush that you ignore the logics behind, that once you stop such rushed diet, you will gain weight back in no time or even more than that.

Our body is genius to work for its survival, and it needs glucose because glucose, willpower and decision making go hand in hand. If one is knocked down, all start to fall. But the diets gravely limit consumption of glucose, hence it is a battle of willpower vs hunger. Now the body urges to have the scrumptiously delicious piece of cake, you cant have it but you want it. You have it, keeping your diet rules aside. Once you had it and your craving is gone, you start to feel guilty of abiding your hard work on your diet. You infuse a self-inflicting pain, that leads to stress as you were mentally assaulting yourself of having that piece. Now it is a case of mental stress that depletes will power and secretes a hormone to deal with that stress named cortisol.

Cortisol is one smart hormone that makes you hungry and not for your diet routine but for pies, pizza, donuts and pasta. So when it is provided, heres what cortisol does, it makes your body transport all of those luscious treats to your belly, butts, hips and thighs and you are left even fatter. Will this make you happy with your diet plans?

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