Top 5 reasons why you should start working out Today!!!


By Harshad Menon

If getting bigger biceps, washboard abs or sporting a bikini body with toned butt doesn’t motivate you enough we have even more reasons why you shouldn’t skip your gym and working out should be your new year resolution this 2018.

Let 2018 be the year where you meet all your goals and if you want enough motivation to hit the gym and weight train more frequently here are top 5 reasons why you should 

1. Feel like a Hulk

If you want to impress people with your strength or add on to your strength then weight training is the best way to do so. By weight training you will be able to scale your way to the top in terms of strength and you will see that you feel like a Hulk and others will look like puny gods in front of you as you gain strength.

2. Look like a “Greek God” wax model at the museum

The reason why I liked the movie 300 was because everyone had ABS. Abs look cool and so does the muscle pop out effect. Weight training with aerobic training helps to lose your waist line and also helps to increase your lean muscle mass. So to look like your favourite superhero (Superman, Thor and others) you need to start hitting the gym today.

3. Make your body a fat furnace !!!

Your body will turn into a fat burning furnace once u start exercising,  muscle mass is directly proportional to the metabolism higher the muscle mass more the metabolism and vice versa. So basically if you workout and end up sitting on your favourite position on the couch the whole day even then you will end up burning more calories!!!

Beat that!!!

4. Beat the stress out of you and be smarter!!!

This strenuous life adds on to one’s stress, there are lot of stressors around us best way to beat the stress out of u is to exercise the way out of it studies has shown that resistance exercise produces anxiolytic effects and also it’s seen that with weight training you can improve your selective attention/conflict resolution, associative memory, and regional patterns of functional brain plasticity

It also helps to treat dimentia( social symptoms that interferes with daily functioning)  and guess what studies also show that females are benefited more by weight training as compared to men in terms of getting the best out of your brain and beating anxiety

5. Bone miner 

Decrease in physical activity leads to increased loss of bone and higher chances of fractures. Weight training shows great increase in strength and power which also helps to maintain bone density and at the same time with proper diet and supplementation bone density can be increased as well. Also it is seen that post resistance training there is an increase in bone mineral density in Humans. 

These are the some more reasons and motivating factors for you why you should consider working out today, of course the list will keep on increasing some notable mentions will be:

  1. Fitting into your favourite One piece.
  2. Slipping down inches to be able to wear that “S” Size top or “L” size from being XXl in 2017
  3. Setting fitness goals like a handstand or a headstand.
  4. Showing off your Abs or Flat tummy in front of your friends or strangers.
  5. To live longer but also at the same eat those sweets, desserts and confectionery when others cannot and brag about it.

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