Pets can sense what we can’t


By Afrin Fatima

Animals do not speak but their senses are very impressive. They sense what we cant even place before our eyes. That is why dogs are a part of special squad in investigations. Let’s pull some strings to gather information about these incredibly sensitive creatures.

Dogs and cats have the ability to predict future catastrophe. Dogs show signs of restlessness and make direct contact with the most loyal human friend of them and cats on the other hand, meow and hide themselves inside if they sense any natural disaster to occur. On April 27, 2011, Kelly Sumerel of Danville, Alabama noticed that her dog was acting absurd like she was freaked out by something. She says her dog was not able to sit still and was whining constantly. Hours later there was a tornado that ripped their community apart.

The capability of dogs to smell is credited with smelling cancer cells in humans.

There is a strong connection between humans and their pets and pets sense their owners coming home even if they come at unexpected times. A biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake did a 5 yearlong research into canines and his work was based on the experience of thousand dogs and owners whose arrival at home at odd times did not surprise their pets as they knew they were coming.

Cats can read human facial expressions and they learn this ability over time. When they see their owner in happy mood, they perform positive behaviors like purring, rubbing or sitting on owners lap but if they find their owner to have frowning expressions, they probably pass the cuddling behavior. That is the reason we think of cats as rather self-centered creatures.

A cat slipped off from the window of 7th floor. She was rushed to hospital and a surgery was performed on her. Her lungs got ruptured and tongue split into two. But the fighter cat managed to fight. As she was an adopted one, the adoption center kept posting her critical state on FB, where a cat-whisperer mentioned in a comment that she doesn’t want to be rescued as it was the purpose of her life and she wants to rest in peace. Later that night she passed away. Her purpose was to save her owner from some unknown danger. 

Yes, pets sacrifice their lives to save their parents from something that none can see coming but they can.


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