Light Weights vs Heavy Weights


By Amit Bahuguna, Mentor, Muscles and Wellness

There has always been a huge concern among people going to Gym, whether to use light weights or heavy weights, let’s discuss this today.

There are 3 parts to a training method:

  • Endurance
  • Muscle building
  • Strength training

Endurance is the capacity of the muscles to carry a load/stress for a longer duration of time. A marathon runner is a prime example of an endurance athlete. To build muscle endurance an exercise or muscle load has to be for a lengthy duration, an ideal repetition range to build muscle endurance would be 25-30 reps. When building endurance, you will obviously use a lighter weight to complete your repetitions. The weight shouldn’t be feather light but moderately light which can help you complete your workout.

Muscle building involves a person increasing the muscle mass of the body keeping the body fat level low. Muscle building requires a person to overload the muscles with a moderately heavier weight for a repetition range of 8-10. The workout pattern will involve an ascending weight range to constantly overload your muscles. A body builder is a prime example of Muscle building.

Strength is the capacity of the body to lift/push/pull the heaviest weight possible. The focus of strength training is to help a person lift heaviest of the weights. To help increase strength the repetitions generally vary from 1-7 reps, also done in an ascending weight range or a pyramid method. The prime example of strength training is Strongman Athlete.

An athlete also goes through a process of de-loading in a training schedule. Light weights are used during this phase of de-loading as the muscles are given a rest and time to recover and recuperate from the constant stress it has been undergoing and getting it ready to go through the process of overload again.

Individual goals will determine which weights to use light or heavy. A beginner might feel 10 kg as a heavy weight whereas an experienced lifter would feel 15 kg a light weight. A workout routine will include all of the 3 aspects of training (endurance, muscle building, strength) but will vary depending on the ultimate goal.

An aesthetic physique would require a balance of all the aspects of training, so will include training with both light and heavy weights. A 4 week muscle building workout can be followed by a week of endurance and a week of strength training till you achieve your goal.

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