Things that make a man look Hot!!


By Afrin Fatima

Hotness, is not a trait but it comes in minute-time packets. You know a guy for quite a time and you hang out with him often but some of his actions will take him from the cute-frame to the hot-frame. It only takes a fraction of second to make him look super-hot and your jaw would literally drop on the floor in that fraction of second. Lets jog through some hot-shot smart guys practicing their guy-stuff.

When you get to know they sing really well or their moves can make you dance.

Women find men attractive when they roll their sleeves up or loosen their tie a bit while making their way to sit, giving enough time to notice them.

Men wear suits occasionally and whenever they do so, they become male version of Aphrodite.

Shirt is a very fine line to differentiate a cute guy and hot guy. Shirt off and all you see is a hot guy for whom girls will proudly drool.

A guy prominently efficient in his work is automatically claimed as a way hotter person.

A guy with a girl on a sidewalk, carefully holding her back is a protective gesture and it is casual for them but it certainly makes them look zillion times sexy.

Is it the shower, or the musk or just light pheromones? Pheromones are good at doing their job, arousing the opposite sex.

Guys use their voice as a noose to seduce and it works. No girl can deny it!!

When they are totally unaware of their own hot-spell. It is one-big-turn-on!

The art of their eyes can never go unnoticed. They are really good with the eye contact; their penetrating look will make you feel that they can peep into your soul.


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