Keep Your Child Healthy With These Health Tips


By Amit Bahuguna, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Muscles and Wellness

Nutrition plays a very important role in our daily life and it becomes more important when it comes to children. We get to see a lot of kids around us who are either overweight or obese. This has been a recent trend, there were a very few such cases say 10-15 years ago. The current lifestyle choices have made our children susceptible to such issues. We can adopt a few things in our life to avoid such issues. 

Engaging them in an outdoor activity

Kids these days prefer to sit at home and watch T.V or play video games on PlayStation and mobile. There is reluctance among kids as well as parents to let them go out and play in the sun and dust. This is one of the major causes of kids being unfit or overweight and obese. Playing out in the sun and dust helps your kid build a better immune system, increases their metabolism and thus stay healthy. Stop being an overprotective parent and help them enjoy the childhood and stay healthy.

Choose food wisely

The food that is being served to the kids should be healthy and clean. Avoid consumption of processed foods or packaged foods, they are high in calories and have artificial flavors and preservatives. Always choose the food which contains high nutritional values like Chicken, eggs, paneer, Legumes, vegetables, milk etc. The diet that the child takes should have the necessary blend of macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Water is also a very essential nutrient, so keep the child hydrated too.

Get rid of Junk Foods

Junk foods like wafers, instant noodles, Soft drinks, Chocolates should be avoided or kept as a weekly affair. Daily consumption of such comfort foods adds to the unnecessary calories in kids which goes unaccounted. These foods are not filling and thus result in the kid overeating and adding more fat. This doesn’t mean that the kid has to be kept bereft of such foods. You can make wafers for them using fresh potatoes and even noodles and pasta which will be a healthier and wiser option.

Don’t put them on strict diet

Studies have confirmed that there is possibility of child losing focus and lack enthusiasm when placed under a strict diet to overcome weight issues. The worst case scenario could also result in kids undergoing depression. The best way thus would be to opt for options illustrated earlier to help the kid cope up with their weight issues.

To conclude the article let me also mention the various hormonal imbalances that the child encounters if he/she is overweight or obese. Early or delayed Puberty is one of the major issues and is currently prevalent, Girls can have early onset of Puberty and their menstruation cycle and for Boys it can result in delayed Puberty and low testosterone levels.


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