Achieve Goals in the most Anti-Stressing ways


By Afrin Fatima

Work-stress is keeping us all hostage of our own happiness. People have forgotten to be happy-chirpy just because they have targets to achieve, deadlines to meet and growth to look forward to. No matter what work you do, stress comes in as a complimentary. So, how to relieve stress, what are the ways to reduce stress and how to make the work-place a happy-place?

Do not go for long-term goals, split them into short-term goals and never try to lure yourself into the big picture but its best to start small.

Expectations lead you to being vulnerable at some point of time, so it is good to bottle up your expectations and keep a realistic approach.

It is not an unknown fact that jobs now-a-days demand a lot from employees, but it is absolutely possible to take out time for your friends and family, as being in touch with the ones you love can reduce stress up to a great extent.

Dont try to have a foresight, it will weaken your eyesight. But focus on the day to day progress and it will surely keep you on track of achieving your goals.

Are you a workaholic? It is good to give importance to your work more than anything else but leaving behind all the fun your work could be, is no justice at all. Find the spark of fun while youre working on something rather than rushing towards getting things done and focusing of end results.

Before starting on a goal to achieve, organize everything to be done in order to achieve it in your head than give it a head start. Organization is the key ingredient to reduce stress.

Surround yourself with like-minded and positive people as they work as the driving force to achieve goals in time.

Meditation is an ultimate solution to any kind of stress. Meditate in your own unique way rather than going for a stereotypic yoga asana with chanting Ommmmmm. Meditation introduces you to your inner joy, find your joy and start meditating. Dancing, singing, walking, or whatever.


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