Reasons why you should read Jane Eyre… Right Now!!!


By Afrin Fatima

Are you a classic Literature freak? Do you consider yourself a devotee of reading and writing modern Literature? Then you would have heard, read and learnt by heart one of the most powerful and passionate novel of mid-nineteenth century, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. If you have read it already then you can relate to the reasons to read Jane Eyre but if you havent, then I promise you will certainly get to read it immediately after reading this write.

  1. It was a story of a child that was narrated by a child-author and Jane Eyre was one of the first novels to put forward a childs perspective of life.
  2. While Charlotte Bronte was writing this novel, she stated that she will show a heroine as simple, as small and as plain as herself. Yes, she did what she said and created a fiery and a determined spirit and a strong feminist role-model aka more relatable legend, Jane Eyre.
  3. It was the era of 1847 in England and gender issues were still the big issues and Jane addressed the constraints her gender was dealing with and she boisterously defied them.
  4. It was not a Shakespearian narration but was well written in a challenging and classic language which is easy to understand and Charlotte Brontë books have the power to catch the readers off guard from the very start.
  5. Any young reader will find the Jane Eyre book interesting as the story relates in so many ways for all the young women trying to find a firm hold in this world.
  6. If you love to mark beautiful quotes amidst you read, then Im pretty sure your copy of Jane Eyre would be a colorful version Charlotte Brontë’s work as it is filled with beautiful and inspiring quotes.

It is more than enough to leave the curiosity bug inside you, till you get yourself a copy of Jane Eyre and start reading the beauty of a young narration which is quite impressive in itself as Jane spoke for herself and how much she used to think back in those times when women had no liberty of anything.


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