#Relationship: How to handle Conflicts like a Pro


By Afrin Fatima

Conflicts, fights, arguments are as important in a marriage as love, care and understanding. No couple is left untouched of the spell of fight, but the smart way of dealing with a fight is to be silent in the heat of the moment as silence is never more golden than when a quarrel is brewing.Who doesnt fall in the pit of relationship problems? Everyone does, but how couples pull themselves out of that pit as a team is what really matters.

Before marriage, everything is sugar-coated and honey-dipped but once married, it’s all turned upside down. Thats when they face the real trumpet and conflicts rise only to worsen-up things.

Do not let your fight to take a backup from the past fights, and do not say anything mean in the spur of the moment as it will get even more ugly.

Personal attacks and insults is really a lame-game. Uh-huhh, do not even go there.

In the flash of fury, mostly people cant help their reaction and snap. If it happens, best is to apologize and cut to the chase to conflict resolution.

If there is no way to clear the air and it gets appalling, then call it a TIME OUT!! Go out for a walk, watch your favourite movie or something, wait until next day when the mist is a bit lighten up and then talk.

A couple is always on a same team, do not ever forget that! Rather than blaming your spouse for any situation, work as a team for conflict resolution.

No matter how bad your fight gets, never hesitate to take care of your partner in that moment because not doing so can create more serious relationship problems.

If it is difficult to say something nice amidst the fight, then say it in a foreign language. [Pause: In the most seductive way:Play]

After all, youre a couple and its your birth right to argue -> to make love -> to sue the fight.


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