Weight Loss Gimmicks never-ever to try


By Afrin Fatima

Get a flat belly in 4 weeks. Lose 20 pounds without gym or diet. Ways to lose weight fast. We all see these pop ups every now and then on internet. But are they really efficient? Are the weight loss shakes or the weight loss supplements really effective or its just a hoax to add spice to the weight loss trend? Truth is, we should never fall for these instant weight loss gimmicks, no matter how tempting they seem. Here is the list of some unhealthy weight loss tricks never to follow.

Weight Loss Creams

Advertisements show that if you rub these creams on the area you lose weight from, it would remove fat from that area. To your disappointment, these creams do nothing to the fat but can cause rashes on your skin.

Instant Workout

Seriously! Who loses weight with exercising for 7 minutes or so. It is good to indulge in exercising but few minutes will not give any significant results to your body.

Atkins Diet

The red meat diet is no good. Red meat starves your body of essential vitamins and minerals that could cause joint pains and low immunity to diseases. Even it is bad for heart and can cause cardiovascular diseases in long term.

Body Wrapping

We all have seen ads of a lady wrapping her belly and when she removes the wrap, there is sweat. It may seem easy and convenient and it may reduce belly fat but it causes harm to the other organs and could be extremely detrimental for health.

Corset Trainers

Wearing a corset in order to have a weight loss is nothing more than a bluff. It will give you a definite shape with a curved waist but that is also not promising or long lasting. Of course, the internal organs have to suffer the pressure.


It is another weight loss trend influencing the youth. If you want to rinse out all the toxins from your body, then detoxification is good but if you take it as a diet routine then youre again going to starve yourself of ample nutrients.


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