What is the necessity of Organic Eateries on an Affordable Price?


Orange… no, actually “Organic is the new Black.” This young generation has finally understood the value of staying fit and healthy rather than stuffing more and more of junk food and helping themselves to not be a piece of junk. But, there is this one teeny-tiny problem that this new trend is quite expensive for a gulp, for the students who probably have to fight through the monthly allowance. Hence, they end up having anything which is cheaper and quite affordable for them. So, let’s make out some reasons why there should be more organic food on affordable price.

Who doesn’t want to eat healthy and stay healthy but the price-tag on the organic food is a big issue? If price is right, people will eat right, definitely.

it’s more than convenient to grab a burger which costs around 50 bucks than to search for an affordable organic place to look for a meal, and as the cheese and all the fried ingredients get consumed, it just adds to the pile of junk with many more dysfunctions the body suffers due to wrong eating habits.

Organic servings can keep the stamina and immunity strong as the food is chemical-gluten-sugar-pesticides free which slowly and gradually saves from serious health hazards.

There are so many students, who were almost at the verge of visiting heaven because they had a habit of eating street food, on a regular basis. So many did not even get the chance of survival due to eating unhealthy yet cheap food.

Young people, the millennials are dying due to heart strokes or cardiac arrests, why? Wrong eating habits. If we do not wake up now, then when?

If organic food outlets come as handy as Mc Donald’s and Pizza Hut and Domino’s, then the death rates due to health issues will decrease up to a great extent.

Obesity, low immunity, hormonal imbalance are some major damages made by giving ourselves happily and willingly to the inorganic and unhealthy fruits, vegetables and everything that we find ourselves fond of consuming.

As I said earlier, millennials are actually opening up their eyes and looking for fresh, natural and organic products and are willing to pay more for them. But, that is again very less percentage and mostly still prefer cheaper and conveniently available food.

So, let us all think of our, our planet’s and our future generations’ welfare and start a mission to “Go Organic.” Let’s make it our New Year’s resolution. “Students will eat right when the price is right.” Right?


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