Planning a Trip with your Girl-Squad? Then you better have a look!!


I couldn’t agree more on the girl squad and their dangerously contagious and fathoming energy that they bear only to volcano-rupt at their reunion. Yes, it is dangerous to be around them when they indulge in the Act of Reunion. So, here are some getaways for all the ladies to unleash all theyve got, the time they kiss the joy of their togetherness.


All you girls out there, if you want to glue to your motherland and yet want a feel of foreign soil then Pondicherry is the best option for you. This place is mostly French-ified, names of streets in French, and French cuisine is the specialty. Hire a scooter, get your shades and hats on and loiter around, you mad squad.


Who would not want to lie down on the sand dunes and get tanned? The relaxing mist near the beach, soothing sounds of the waves can do all the magic for the girls to just suck-in all the calm and relaxation this place could offer.


Ohh girls, if your preference is hills over beaches then this place is the perfect destination for you all. This place has its own definition of beauty, the mountains which are embrace-worthy and the scenery to glue your eyes to and the calmness its nightlife brings along. All of it is just indescribable.


Take a road trip from Bangalore to Kodaikanal. First, the road trip will be utter fun and second, the place is an excellent combination of lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and mountains. You can rent a bicycle to take the local tour. Imagine how delightful it would be, to take the local tours with your favorite people.


If you and your gang are music lovers, then you are in Ziro for a music treat. The music festival amidst the mountains is worth attending. You have a chance to acquaint with the local artistes. It is basically a 3-day festival which has tents and the accommodations are at an affordable rate.

No matter where you plan to go girls, unlimited fun will follow wherever you go.


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