Top-Most Visited Cities in 2017


A Travel-Booking site Expedia did research on the most visited cities around the world in 2017. Travelling knows no leaps and bounds and this is proved by the most-booked vacation packages for the cities around the world.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is said to be the most popular city for the international travelers. The utmost eminent thing about this city is its spa, people come from faraway coasts for relaxation and peace. The airfare is also relatively cheap.

London, U.K.

People love to keep visiting to London as there is so much to do being there. The efficient transportation system keeps you from spending more bucks, in that case you can use that money on giving yourself a lavish treat.

Paris, France

No soul can resist the beauty of this place. Paris is known for its elegant shopping and restaurants that have no match. This city is for all those who bear love in their hearts and money in their pockets as the lodging in Paris is comparatively expensive.

Dubai, U.A.E.

You can never get enough of this place. Dubai is very promising when it comes to keep the tourists amused with its high-tech beauty. A vacation spent in Dubai certainly gets embossed in the memories.


Worlds best airport is in Singapore and the most click-able hotels as well. Singapore is the only island-city-country in the world which makes it an anomaly. It is one of the most appealing city for traveling purpose.

Tokyo, Japan

As preparations of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics are at its prime, it is the perfect time to visit Tokyo, it is also claimed as the best city in the world with new air routes, and museums opening.

Seoul, South Korea

People love to spend most on shopping while in Seoul as it has emerged as worlds leading fashion and beauty capitals.


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