Web-Series to mingle with this Season


Well, life it is. Brutally unpredictable yet comprehensively delectable, for those who believe in living it no matter what and living in such a way that life gets a complex. This is known as facing the circumstances and standing tall against them with bravery and prowess. We all would agree with finding our own ways of distracting ourselves in some crucial times of our life. For me, the welcome distraction is to watch web-series and I totally love to drown myself in them then reality but most of the time I love watching them without taking them as an excuse for any distraction. Lets find out the recent watch.

Game of Thrones

This year it was an eager awaiting for its 7th season. It was a struggle of waiting for episodes, downloading, watching and repeat. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is where you should invest your time.

Master of None

It had been a long pause before the second season aired of Aziz Ansaris masterful drama. It begins with an homage to bicycle thieves and ends with a nod to The Graduate. The show is fun to watch, emotionally satisfying and thought provoking as well.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is the show based on a character who lives on her own terms and by her own standards. The show goes in different direction of myriads and so does Kimmy Schmidt. This is a natural reaction to one of the most overtly feminist sitcoms ever produced.

Stranger Things

Ahh! This one. It is on my watch-list as well. The mysterious events in the trailer can make anybody go curious to watch the series. It is the revival of old school sci-fi, horror and 80s nostalgia that is far more effective and immediately gripping than most other examples of its kin.

Jessica Jones

This psychological thriller suspends the viewers guessing, in a state of fear and anxiety for 13 dicey, treacherous hours. The emphasis is not on the physical but mental destruction caused by Kilgrave (the phenomenal David Tennant), a sociopath with mind control powers.

No matter how big-time shows these are for now, all I wish to watch new seasons of Castle!


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