Are you consuming Coke or Dissolved Sugar drink?


By Afrin Fatima

We have affinity to draw everything unhealthy towards us. There is nothing new in falling for whatever is harmful to our body. One of such is soda, the aerated, fizzy, sugary and never to be refused drinks. You all will agree with me that it is really difficult to say to these throat-soothing drinks, after all these are termed as life of any party.

But, are you even aware of what these sodas, coke and other such drinks do to our body. No? Then you must read this.

Regular consumption of coke can turn you into a limp. As it has the tendency to hollow and dissolve your bones.

Do you feel the sensitivity in your teeth with anything hot or cold? Yes? Do you know why? The enamel, that protects our pearls, gets destroyed with the acidity of the aerated drinks. This is how we get sensitivity, tooth decay and rotting of teeth.

Keep on drinking these fascinating drinks and you will definitely lose track of your original age, as continuous consumption can increase chances of cancer, weight gain, diabetes (type II), coronary diseases and shorter life span as well.

Are you having skin problems? Like pimples and all. This is also because of giving your life in the hands of these poisonous drinks.

Ohh Boy!! Guys out there, if you depend more on these sugary drinks, then you will have to experience lower sperm motility. Think before you fall for coke!!

In these drinks, there are high levels of fructose corn syrup and these added sugars in soda alters hundreds of cells in the brain. So, your brain is at risk too.

We all must have watched so many videos related to coke and toilet cleaning and then also we do not take lessons from them and keep on consuming the sugary drinks then we are digging our own graves at a slow pace.


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