Most Beautiful Temples in India


By Afrin Fatima

India is a land of vast diversity which brings along diverse cultures, religions and festivals. As much of its multeity, it has much beautiful and praise worthy temples to visit. From Mumbai’s Ganesh Chaturthi to Kolkata’s Durga Puja is a part of worshipping God on a yearly account.  Temples are found on every street in India. Let’s deduce the most beautiful of temples on this land.

Jagannath Temple of Puri

The temple has four gates and are accessed by Lion, Horse, Tiger and Elephant. The temple is considered as an important pilgrimage site and is particularly for the worship of Krishna and Vishnu.

Srilakshmi Golden Temple, Vellore

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. It is the famous attraction center of Tamil Nadu which is built with copper covered with many layers of gold leaf, inside a star shaped complex wall.

Akshardham Temple, Delhi

This temple is a treat to eyes and was open in 2005, built from pink-tinge Rajasthani sandstone and Carrara marbles. It is known as an eternal place of devotion, purity and peace. The temple consists of 200 murtis (objects depicting deities.)

Ramanathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

It is one of the holiest places in Hinduism and also known as “Varanasi of the South.” This temple is also called Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami Temple. It becomes the place of pilgrimage for a millions of people each year.

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

It is the most impressive temple in the country. The entire temple is carved with exquisite figures to adore through the pillared halls. It is consumed with processions, performances and endless array of pilgrims to bring life to the walls of the temple.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

People from every religion come to visit this sacred place from all over the world. It is the holiest shrine in Sikhism. The entire temple is gold plated with the architecture that has the capability to take the breath away.


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