Top 5 Highest Waterfalls on Earth | Nature


Watch the video to know about these beautiful and magnificent waterfalls on Earth. #Nature

  1. Angel Falls – Venezuela
    Situated at a height of 3,212 feet above sea level and is sourced from river Gauya.
  2. Tugela Falls – South Africa
    Tugela falls are sourced from river Tuegla and is at a height of 3,106 feet.
  3. Utigard Falls – Norway
    At a height of 2,625 feet, Utigard falls are sourced from Jostedal Glacier.
  4. Mongefossen Falls – Norway
    Sourced from river Monge in Nesdale, Norway, Mongefossen falls is at a height of 2,540 feet.
  5. Mutarazi Falls – Zimbabwe
    Sourced from river Mutarazi river, it is at a height of 2,499 feet.


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