10 Facts About Batman


Batman was first seen in the Detective Comics back in the late 30s and had its own comic in the 40s. Watch the video to know more such interesting facts about Batman.

1. Bob Kane and Bill Finger, artist and writer respectively, created the character originally.
2. He first appeared in Detective Comics 27 in 1939.
3. But rose to fame in 1940 from his own comic was released called Batman.
4. JonDoe297 is the online handle used by Bruce Wayne.
5. Canadian University of Victoria has a special course designed to explore his life called
“The Science of Batman.”
6. Batman’s infamous rivals – Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, the Scarecrow,
Mr. Freeze and Clayface.
7. The first TV series was telecasted in the year 1966 and ran for about 120 episodes
though his first TV appearance was in 1943.
8. His love interests include, Julie Madison, Catwoman, Batwoman and Vicki Vale.
9. In people’s opinion out of all the actors who played the character, Ben Affleck’s
portrayal of Batman is the worst.
10. Kevin Conroy played batman for 31 different platforms including video games as well.


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